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Pamporovo is a high mountain resort situated in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains. Here the winter is long and soft, and the summer is cool and fresh. The resort is 260 km from Sofia, 85 km from Plovdiv and 15 km from Smolyan. It is situated at 1650 m altitude, at the foot of Snezhanka Peak 1926 m.

Pamporovo was founded in 1933. Since then, many hotels, shopping centers, restaurants and ski runs have been built. The total bed capacity of the resort amounts to approximately 8500 beds.

The ski runs in Pamporovo are of varying degrees of difficulty. Their total length is 34 km. Lifts and lifts serving the slopes have a capacity of 8,500 people per hour. Ski schools in Pamporovo are one of the best in Europe. Highly qualified ski instructors teach beginners individually or in groups. For the advanced there are several steep slopes, and for ski-runners and biathlon there are built tracks and a shooting range around Mount Snezhanka. Close to ski slopes and hotels there are many ski wardrobes. Pamporovo hosts international competitions in ski-alpine disciplines, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and more. A half-length 150-meter high 3-meter-long wall was built.

The flow of tourists in Pamporovo does not stop all year round and it is one of the most popular Bulgarian resorts, both in winter and summer.

Although it is known mainly as a winter destination, Pamporovo also has something to offer to the tourists who decided to visit it in summer. There are many eco-trails suitable for walking tours in the Rhodope Mountains, the Trigrad Gorge is a favorite place for lovers of rock climbing, the Devil’s and Yagodinska Cave – some of the most attractive caves in Bulgaria. From Pamporovo there is a marked route to the village of Shiroka Luka, which is also very suitable for cyclists. The rivers and dams in the Rhodope Mountains offer good opportunities for sport fishing, and nature lovers can also get to know it by horse riding. For herb and mushroom collectors, the area around the resort is very attractive, as interesting plants grow here.

Pamporovo is located in a region with a lot of history. Nearby are the towns of Chepelare and Smolyan, as well as the picturesque villages Shiroka Luka, Stoikite, Gela, Smilyan, Arda, which are very attractive with their well-preserved traditions and the hospitality of the local people.